Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Arrival at CCM (MTC in español)

Hola Familia!!! I just got to the CCM (MTC in español) and it is incredible! It is a HUGE compound! I have yet to see a tower, but there are very high walls with fences on top of them.  My flights both went well, though the one to Atlanta seemed to go on FOREVERRR! Probably because I had no idea what to do :) Guess who I saw in Atlanta? JERRY AINSWORTH! He was on my flight to Mexico CIty.  I met up with some elders and hermanas on that flight, and we had a grand old time.  It is beautiful here, but a lot chillier than I imagined.  I will try to send pictures at a future time.  We are going to eat pizza tonight and then I think we go to our dorms.  I am already a senior companion because my last name is closer to A, haha! But only for three weeks.  What was the name of the Baird's niece? Is it Kassie Hymas? If so, she is my companion! I have not met her yet, though.
I love you guys so much! It is incredible here! I am so excited to work and serve and learn!  I have made some friends already, like Elder Jolly.  He photobombed one of my pictures. The one I was taking with my other friend, Hermana Frisbie.
Every thing is colorful in Mexico City!  That was the first thing I noticed as the plane was landing - all the colorful buildings.  ON my way to Atlanta, I met a nice family from Wales on their way to Orlando.  They were really sweet, and wished me luck!
Funny side note - I made it all the way to gate D23 in McCarran before I realized I was supposed to be at D32.  They were in opposite directions...Whoops!
Well, I'm not sure what else to write... Oh!  The CCM has their own school busses.  I took a picture of one, which I will send to you.
Out of all the missionaries I talked to on our bus ( I only talked to about half) I was the only one going out of the country!  Everyone else is going Stateside after this.
I got my nametags - they are pretty suh-weet!
This is going to be a tremendous experience, I can feel it.  Anything new with you guys?  Man, I have to keep going back and retyping things because I am using a Spanish keyboard.  The letters are the same, but the symbols are almost all in different places.
Oh, and my p-day is martes, so Tuesday, maybe?  My spanish is very bad.
Hermana Grondel

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  1. YAY!!! I was so excited to see this first post!! I can hear the enthusiasm and excitement in your voice, you are so ready and are going to be just awesome. I can't wait to read your letters as this big adventure unfolds! Love you Lauren!

    (And you too, Jessica for posting her letters!!)