Monday, April 28, 2014

His Promises are Sure

Hey there.

So.  Another week has come and gone, and I am once more sitting in front of a computer in an internet cafe trying to remember what happened this week, hahaha.  But seriously.  The week's are flying by so fast I can never remember what has happened!

The first part of this week was ROUGH.  Appointments fell through, we had trouble walking, the sun was incredibly strong, we went all the way to San Pedro (a trip of 1.5 to 2 hours) for a cancelled activity (we did not know it had been canceled), struggled to reach our goals for the week, and were practically chased down by an angry, drunk man who we think wanted money.  BUT I have learned for myself that the experience in Alma 26:27 can happen to anyone:

27 Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about toaturn back, behold, the Lord bcomforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with cpatience thinedafflictions, and I will give unto you success.

Sunday was incredible and worth every difficulty.  Tiarra, the daughter of Yolani, came to church!! AND SHE LOVED IT.  We also saw other less active members come, and Sacrament Meeting was simply incredible.  I know this church is true!  Tiarra and her mom are on fire with love of the gospel.  Last night, we went to their house and watched "Together Forever".  When we finished and asked them how they felt, Hermana Yolani looked at us and said, "I remember.  I remember watching this video with the elders, and I remember why I got baptized.  And I am going to be baptized again."  They are golden, and I love them so very much. The Lord has given us success, and I know He will always bless us for our obedience.

Funny Story: Saturday we went to visit an investigator and found out that they needed help carrying some wood to their house.  So we went with them to a field.  Well, cows had come directly where the wood was.  As we were contemplating what to do, I let out a "Mooooooo" and the cows moved!!  Wow guys, the gift of tongues exists! :)

Well, I love you all a whole bunch. :)

Hermana Grondel :)
You gotta find some fun in life.  Like soap bottles shaped like minions

My scripture case from Mexico came!!
Oh, and elders can use my shoes.  Cuz I have big feet. :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Feliz Semana Santa!

Well, This week has been an adventure!! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, almost all the businesses were closed because nearly everyone was at the beach.  Hermana Luna and I had to use all our will power to not go run into the beach and enjoy the ocean as well, hahaha. :)

Tuesday, we had the lovely chance to have interviews with President Dester. Okay, I know I say it so much, but I really love Presidente y Hermana Dester.  They are chosen, righteous, incredible people, and I am eternally grateful for them.  In my interview, I know the words he spoke were intended especially for me, and sweet and special message from my Savior.

In other news, this week I have been learning the importance of always listening to the Spirit.  He will protect us from danger, both spiritual and physical.  He will also guide us to do what is right.  Saturday, some of our lessons fell through, and I felt like we should go visit an investigator that we had stopped teaching because she wasn't progressing.  On our way there, Hermana Luna had the strong impression to stop and chat with a group of young people outside of a pulperia (street shop).  Well, one of them says "Me llamo Nefi".  " miembro?"  "Si!"  He is a less active that wants to come back, and we met some new investigators.  As we were chatting with them, Christopher, the son of a less active family, ran up to us to tell us that they had moved houses.  Well, we decided to directly go and visit his family in their new house.  There, we met a woman and her son who were also visiting this family.  As we begun speaking of the gospel, she began crying, saying we were the first ones to talk about the gospel with her since her house burned down a year ago.  She had been yearning for peace.  She is so prepared for this gospel.  We never made it to that other investigator, but I know that we did what the Lord wanted that day.

Friday. I learned how to do yard work with a machete.  Watch out world!!  It is incredibly diverting.  In the process, I also learned how to sharpen a machete.  Does anyone know if machetes are allowed in checked baggage?

So, remember the investigator, Yolani, who lost her memory?  Well, she and her children want to get baptized!!  Now we just need to help her husband progress as well!  We feel very blessed and delighted to teach them and help them progress.

Guys, the Priesthood power is real.  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know each and every one of us personally.  Their love is real and everlasting.  It does not have limits.  It does not have requirements.  It is always available to us, no matter what.  It does not change. And most of all, it does not fail.

I love you all more than words can describe.  Thank you for your support, love, and prayers.

Hermana Grondel :)

P.S., so sorry, I cannot send pictures this week.  Hopefully next week!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Week

Well, to start off, I would like to give a very big thank you for ALLL of your prayers this week because we had two BEAUTIFUL days of clouds, rain, and cool weather. :)  It was heaven sent. 
This week, Hermana Luna and I have had the chance to really see the results of our hard work.  We are working hard with many new people, trying to help them all progress.
We had the chance to meet an elderly lady who is just the sweetest!!  Saturday was her 85th birthday, so we passed by to sing to her.  When we first heard about her, I thought she was going to be a sickly, unhappy person because they said she is bedridden.  That was not the case!!  She is so lively and adored being with us.  Her daughters say that her memory isn't very good, but she remembers clearly songs about Christ, so she sang for us.  It was lovely.  We met her the Tuesday before her birthday, and her daughter proceeded to tell her Saturday is her birthday.  "Not this Saturday! It's not the 12th!" "Yes, this Saturday is the 12th" "Not of April!" "Yes, of April" "*gasp, turns to us* It is my birthday on Saturday!!"  It was adorable.
Wednesday, we had divisions!!  Hermana Bayles and Hermana Marley came out to Puerto Cortes to help us out for the day.  I went with hermana Marley, and Hermana Luna was with Hermana Bayles.  It was an awesome day!  We both felt the Spirit so strongly through out the day, and we taught well together.  It was interesting because we did not have water in our house.  We hadn't had water for about 4 days and were using the pila out back to fill our one bucket to shower and clean dishes.  We later found out the pipes were dirty, so we got those cleaned up, and now we have water again!! Yayyy.  Also, the power went out...but only for about 10 minutes, hahaha. 
Thursday was rough.  Sometimes being a gringa helps people want to talk to us, and other times it brings unwanted attention.  Blech.  And we watched a dog get hit by a car.  It was horrible.  But we did have the chance to run into a member and meet her family, about half of which are not members.  Woot! Rose among the thorns.  Hermana Luna always counts "rosas en las espinas".  I love it :)
Saturday, we had a baptism!!!!!  Well, more or less.  Technically, she is a baptism of the ward because she is 8 and is a child of record, but her mom is less active and her father is not a member.  The members sent us to her because she had been saying she wants to get baptized.  She is named Idania, and she is a sweetie!  It was so wonderful to help her be ready for this covenant.  We have been teaching her for about a month and a half before she got baptized.  As always, the day of the baptism was filled with a million and one problems, but as always, everything worked out in the end, and it was beautiful.
Sunday was a bit rough because our three investigators that have been progressing so much did not come to church, and we don't know why *sigh*  BUT David, the grandson of the member we ran into on Thursday, came!  Also, that night, we had a FHE with them, and he said that one of his goals is to go on a mission (he isn't a member).  YAYYYYY!  Miracle. :)

We also had the chance to meet with a reference from a member in our ward.  Her name is Yolani, and she is really special.  She was baptized about 15 years ago, but she was never confirmed, which means she would need to be baptized again.  And, shortly after her baptism, she had brain surgery and lost the majority of her memory.  So she remembers being baptized, but she doesn't remember why she got baptized and basically began her life over again from her surgery.  Well, now she wants to remember and return to church, and her family is interested as well.  We are super excited to teach them more about the Gospel. :)
Hermana Luna is wonderful, and she works HARD!  We are both exhausted, but we know we have worked for the Lord this week.  Hopefully, we will be able to continue the good work. :)

Well, I certainly love you all and hope this week is lovely.  Happy Easter, and remember the reason for the season, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Check out this video!
Hermana Grondel

I really love arroz con leche :)

I also love giraffes!!

WE FOUND MARSHMALLOW MATEYS!!!!! But we ran out of milk, so Hermana Luna used fruit punch.  It was strangely delicious. :)

Rebeca y yo

Idania, Hermana Luna, yo, y su primo

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Take 2

So I'm sure everyone is talking about conference, but just to add one more voice, CONFERENCE IS AWESOMEEEEE. And I was SUPER feliz because I understood the majority of conference!  Conference in October happened to fall on my very first Sunday in Honduras, so my ability to speak spanish was at about .005%.  Not the best.  But this time, I felt as though I could really enjoy conference and receive inspiration.  It was lovely :)  Plus, I learned that if a general authority already speaks spanish, he records it before and they use the recording of their voice, not a translator, in the conference.  That was pretty sweet!  Elder Scott, Elder Amado, and one other spoke in Spanish. :)
So, the John's went home this week.  I miss them.  But Tuesday, I received the lovely surprise of a package from Sister John filled with things she didn't want to take home with her from the mission, hahaha!  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I hope to find her address so I can write her a great big THANK YOU!  They are the greatest.  I'm glad they live in the states so there is a chance I will see them again. :)  I love them so.
Here in Puerto, we are trying to drink as much water as possible because the Sun just beats down. 
and supposedly it is going to get even worse.  I think I am going to cave and start using an umbrella.  I'm not a fan of them because people then think we are Jehovah's Witnesses.  They are great, great people, but people already mix us up without the umbrellas, hahaha :)
Well, this week we have been trying to work hard and bring people to Christ.  The Lord is always blessing us, even when we don't realize it until later.  I feel like the Lord is trying to teaching me patience in long-suffering.  It has been a bit rough to see the success of the elders in our ward and wonder where our miracles are, but I have been reminded that this isn't our work.  This is the Lord's work.  We just need to trust in Him.  Sometimes, I wonder why I came on a mission, and the truth is, I'm not sure.  I just felt so strongly in my heart the desire to come and serve the Lord, so here I am.  And I love it. Yes, it's hard.  Yes, I have bad days.  Yes, sometimes I wonder if anyone will make it through.  But I love it.  At the end of the day, I am happy to be here, serving the Lord.  I have felt closer to the Lord here than ever before.  I am beginning to understand the reality of our Savior.  It isn't just an idea or a fairytale.  He is so very real.  And I know it.  I know the church is true, and I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God here on the Earth.  I love you all so much and desire the same knowledge and faith for each of you.
Hermana Grondel :)