Monday, December 29, 2014

Here we are again.  Another Monday, another letter.

This week has been all over the place.  It was great being able to skype and talk, but it was also a bit hard on the proselyting side of things. 

We had a district meeting with another district and it was so great!  We had a white elephant gift exchange and played some games as well to celbrate Christmas.  I received a 3D wooden velociraptor puzzle.  #dinosaursrock That night, we all went Christmas caroling in the park and the sisters from La Florida spent the night in our house.  That was a blast!

Christmas Eve, much of our day was spent doing service - washing dishes from making tamales mas que todo.  We also got to eat several tamales.  Yum!  I am trying to figure out the best way to make them so I can eat them always. :) We had to return home early because the fireworks here get preeeeeeeetty crazy.  I mean, really, really crazy.  And the majority of them are lit by children.  Yep.  Things are a bit different here. :)  Well, since we were in the house early, we decided to open our gifts Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning.  Thank you so, so very much!!  I enjoyed everything. :)  We have also eaten almost all of the candy and sweets, hahahaha.

Christmas morning, we made cinnamon rolls and planned as a district.  yum!  One of the elders had received bananagrams, so we took turns playing it in english and spanish for our language study. 

Friday, I was writing in my journal, todo cheque, when Hermana Avila started flipping out, saying there was a spider.  Now, here in Honduras, there are many spiders, and normally they are pretty small.  And since Hermana Avila is relatively new, I figured she had seen a small spider on her skirt or something that had frightened her.  BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE.  I looked over to see a HUGE spider crawling on the floor.  Like, the size of my palm huge.  So we both started freaking out.  we tried to kill it with a shoe, but the angle was off, so it just started crawling away. At this point, our desk became a mess as we tried to move everything.  We ended up moving the table away from the wall and the spider crawled behind my box of books.  After losing sight of it for a minute, we found it again and ever so slowly moved the table back towards the wall.  Then, fast as lightning, I pushed my box against the wall and squished that sucker.  Man, those were adrenaline-filled moments.

Other than that, it has just been normal missionary stuff.  Contacting, teaching, searching for the Lord's chosen.  Then searching some more and some more and a bit more. :)

Shortly after killing the spider!

It was HUGE.  I mean, this was aftersquishing it, so when it is alive, it would be larger.

After Christmas Caroling

Monday, December 22, 2014

Well, it has been a fantastic week out here in El Dorado!

I completely forgot to mention that last Monday, we went to a bakery! I will include a photo of us ready to go in.  They wouldn't let us take pictures inside, but it was fun to go and see bread be made.

We have seen many small miracles in our work this week.  It has been incredible, and I am so grateful that we have had the chance to work hard and serve our Lord. 

Much of our work this week has been in the form of service.  From folding shirts to picking up fallen beans to collecting firewood to wrapping a Christmas package, we've done it all!  I love doing service.  :)  We also crossed a river this week.  I definitely felt like a pioneer, hahahahaha.

I cannot say how grateful I am for the restored gospel.  As I have been studying this week, I have been thinking about what it would be like if we only had the Bible to depend on.  If we didn't have the Book of Mormon or Modern-Day Revelation.  HIJOLE.  So much of what I hope for and who I have become is thanks to this gospel.

President Dester invited us to study the words of our Savior during this Christmas season, so I have been reading a bit in Matthew.  As I was pondering Matthew 6:25 (and the JST of that as well), I realized that that scripture has literally been fulfilled for me.  When we have had nothing to eat in the house, someone has invited us or brought us food.  When I have needed or wanted some sort of clothing, it has been given to me.  How grateful I am for the goodness of other people!!

This week, we had divisions with the Sister Training Leaders.  I love them so much!!  I learned a lot from Hermana Ugarte.  We bought some plain white shirts and decorated them to be able to take photos. :)

Saturday, we had a branch Christmas party, put on by the four of us missionaries.  WOW so, so many people helped us to make that night special.  It was a bit stressful, especially since our mission leader overslept and had to change his work schedule aka no pudo llegar a la fiesta.  But the Lord worked miracles.  We had a small presentation and had a Christmas dinner.  We had decided to have something typical of Honduras, which included grilled meat.  So we spent much of the evening grilling 36 pounds of beef on 3 rather small grills, hahaha.  But everyone loved it!  They said it was the first Christmas party they had had in years, and everyone left full and happy. :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!  And God bless us, every one.


Hermana Grondel

En la panaderia

Our grills

We were covered with ash. :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

sooooo, I lost track of time, so this letter could be rather short!

This week, we had our Multi-Zona/Christmas party, and we went to SAN PEDRO SULA!!!!  It was so great.  I had a blast, and we learned lots too.  Hermana Robles was there as well!!  But it was to give all of us the flu shot - not so fun.  The day before, I found out there was going to be a small choir.  The day of, I found out I would be directing said choir.  THAT was an adventure!  But it turned out well.  We sang "O, Holy Night", pero en español.  I also got to direct everyone as we sang almost all of the Christmas hymns, just like last year.  It was great. :)

On the bus ride back, we realized it would be our only chance to have the whole zone together! (Zona Copán is HUGE) so we all introduced ourselves and had a talent show there on the bus!!  We spent the rest of the ride singing every Christmas song we could think of.

We had the chance the week to meet Carlos, who while we were contacting asked us how he could be baptized.  SAYETH WHAT?  He is now our golden investigator.  Each time we have taught him, he has been so open and accepting of our message, a rather refreshing reaction to our efforts.

Yesterday, I was calmly waiting for the announcements to finish to sit with my companion in the congregation after the sacrament. (I was on the stand playing the piano).  Well, to my surprise, as the first counselor read the speakers' names, I heard my name.  Um, what?  NO ONE had told me that I was going to be speaking.  So I just prayed and went up there and said what came to mind.  I ended up sharing Yolany's story and emphasized the need to do our visiting and Home teaching.  Afterward, various members told me how they enjoyed my message.  I just hope they apply it!!

OH, there is so much more to say, but ther is no more time.  I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Hermana Grondel :)

The field is white, all ready to harvest

Trying to mentally prepare myself for this vaccine. :)

Christmas party with the missionaries del Dorado!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Well, it's been another great week out here in Copan!

But...I do not remember most of it.  Everything has been a great blur.  But a fun blur.

We've just been walking around, contacting, teaching, laughing, eating, working, studying, normal missionary stuff.

Funny story:  I was talking with Hermana Avila about Latin dances.  I asked her "Sabes como hacer salsa?" (Do you know how to make/do salsa) Okay, so I didn't say the question well, and Hermana Avila says "OHH, chunky salsa, o more...?"  And I was thinking in my head,"What, is that some kind of dance only for fat people??"  And then I realized she thought I was talking about food, not a dance.  We were dying.

Yesterday was so very special.  I love fast sunday.  And testimony meeting.  They could quite possibly be some of the greatest days of my life.  Here in the mission, there are many ups and downs.  There are days when your testimony is unappreciated, stepped on, spat back in your face, and you are left, sometimes wondering why.  If I've felt it's true, why don't they?  And sometimes Satan tries to get in there.  He starts putting doubts in your head and questions that you are left trying to answer.  But despite all that, it cannot and will never change eternal truths.  Yesterday confirmed that for me.  Sitting in Sacrament meeting, I felt so happy and close to tears.  I know this gospel is true. I feel it with my very soul.  I want my family, present and future, to receive every possible blessing this, the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer.  I cannot think of a better way to be spending Christmas this year than being able to give of myself to help others know the truths I so deeply treasure.

Here in Copan, la gente es dura.  More so than in any other area I've been.  And it's given me the chance to truly come closer to my Savior.  Oh, how I love Him!  And how grateful I feel for the love He has for me.

Hermana Grondel

We tried making caramel....And we burnt it....

Monday, December 1, 2014


Well, this week has been great. :)  Monday night, they called us to let us know all about transfers.  Well, they told me that I would be training!!  I was ECSTATIC.  And still am so very happy. :)  My companion's name is Hermana Avila, and she is from...wait for it.... LAS VEGAS!  She was born in the states, but her mom is from Chile, and her dad is from Mexico, so she is fluent in Español. :)  And she is just so great.  She is a convert to the church, as of three years ago, and she is a fantastic missionary!

Rewind to Tuesday.  We had a (almost) zone meeting to say good-bye to those who left the zone and celebrate the end of the transfer.  The sisters from Las Ruinas came up to spend the night with us so they could catch the bus Wednesday morning.  So, Hermana Bahr and I went in divisions for a few hours so Hermana Delgadillo could finish up some things she had to do and say good-bye.  It was great to be with Hermana Bahr again, but we had decided to go work in Santa Luz.  Well, on the way back to La Entrada, it started raining.  And raining. And pouring.  And we got back COMPLETELY soaked!

Wednesday, it was off to San Pedro!!!!  I really, really love San Pedro.  We then went to the institute building (El Benque was full of medical things) where I met mi hija!!!  Then it was back to Copan.

Training is an incredible experience.  It is teaching me the power of example.  I also am learning how to better depend on the Spirit.  Hermana Avila is just so prepared and ready to be a missionary.  The Spirit is so strong in our lessons, and I know the Lord is on our side, helping us in every moment.


Hermana Grondel :)

Last photo with Hermana Delgadillo

P-Day with mi hija!