Monday, December 8, 2014

Well, it's been another great week out here in Copan!

But...I do not remember most of it.  Everything has been a great blur.  But a fun blur.

We've just been walking around, contacting, teaching, laughing, eating, working, studying, normal missionary stuff.

Funny story:  I was talking with Hermana Avila about Latin dances.  I asked her "Sabes como hacer salsa?" (Do you know how to make/do salsa) Okay, so I didn't say the question well, and Hermana Avila says "OHH, chunky salsa, o more...?"  And I was thinking in my head,"What, is that some kind of dance only for fat people??"  And then I realized she thought I was talking about food, not a dance.  We were dying.

Yesterday was so very special.  I love fast sunday.  And testimony meeting.  They could quite possibly be some of the greatest days of my life.  Here in the mission, there are many ups and downs.  There are days when your testimony is unappreciated, stepped on, spat back in your face, and you are left, sometimes wondering why.  If I've felt it's true, why don't they?  And sometimes Satan tries to get in there.  He starts putting doubts in your head and questions that you are left trying to answer.  But despite all that, it cannot and will never change eternal truths.  Yesterday confirmed that for me.  Sitting in Sacrament meeting, I felt so happy and close to tears.  I know this gospel is true. I feel it with my very soul.  I want my family, present and future, to receive every possible blessing this, the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer.  I cannot think of a better way to be spending Christmas this year than being able to give of myself to help others know the truths I so deeply treasure.

Here in Copan, la gente es dura.  More so than in any other area I've been.  And it's given me the chance to truly come closer to my Savior.  Oh, how I love Him!  And how grateful I feel for the love He has for me.

Hermana Grondel

We tried making caramel....And we burnt it....

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