Monday, December 29, 2014

Here we are again.  Another Monday, another letter.

This week has been all over the place.  It was great being able to skype and talk, but it was also a bit hard on the proselyting side of things. 

We had a district meeting with another district and it was so great!  We had a white elephant gift exchange and played some games as well to celbrate Christmas.  I received a 3D wooden velociraptor puzzle.  #dinosaursrock That night, we all went Christmas caroling in the park and the sisters from La Florida spent the night in our house.  That was a blast!

Christmas Eve, much of our day was spent doing service - washing dishes from making tamales mas que todo.  We also got to eat several tamales.  Yum!  I am trying to figure out the best way to make them so I can eat them always. :) We had to return home early because the fireworks here get preeeeeeeetty crazy.  I mean, really, really crazy.  And the majority of them are lit by children.  Yep.  Things are a bit different here. :)  Well, since we were in the house early, we decided to open our gifts Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning.  Thank you so, so very much!!  I enjoyed everything. :)  We have also eaten almost all of the candy and sweets, hahahaha.

Christmas morning, we made cinnamon rolls and planned as a district.  yum!  One of the elders had received bananagrams, so we took turns playing it in english and spanish for our language study. 

Friday, I was writing in my journal, todo cheque, when Hermana Avila started flipping out, saying there was a spider.  Now, here in Honduras, there are many spiders, and normally they are pretty small.  And since Hermana Avila is relatively new, I figured she had seen a small spider on her skirt or something that had frightened her.  BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE.  I looked over to see a HUGE spider crawling on the floor.  Like, the size of my palm huge.  So we both started freaking out.  we tried to kill it with a shoe, but the angle was off, so it just started crawling away. At this point, our desk became a mess as we tried to move everything.  We ended up moving the table away from the wall and the spider crawled behind my box of books.  After losing sight of it for a minute, we found it again and ever so slowly moved the table back towards the wall.  Then, fast as lightning, I pushed my box against the wall and squished that sucker.  Man, those were adrenaline-filled moments.

Other than that, it has just been normal missionary stuff.  Contacting, teaching, searching for the Lord's chosen.  Then searching some more and some more and a bit more. :)

Shortly after killing the spider!

It was HUGE.  I mean, this was aftersquishing it, so when it is alive, it would be larger.

After Christmas Caroling

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