Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello there!!

Pues, to be completely honest, this week has been rough.  The last couple of weeks have been rough.  Compared to my last area, this area is ROUGH.  Working in the city is COMPLETELY different from working in un pueblo. (Whoops, sent this before I was ready!) People are busy.  People aren't as sensitive to the spirit.  People have commitment problems.  People have AGENCY.  Well, that isn't different, hahaha.  I have been rather discouraged as of late, which is horrible, because it only lowers your desire to work.  Plus, I feel as though I am a different missionary in the city.  Not as powerful.  Not as focused.  So many things remind me of home here.  And worst of all, I've let that affect me.  It's irritating.

I could not possibly express enough gratitude for Hermana Robles (my companion) and Hermana Marley (One of the Sister Training Leaders).  Hermana Robles never fails in her patience, in her determination, and her support.  She doesn't say much, but I feel and see her love for me, and I love her so much.  I feel as though we have known each other for forever.  Hermana Marley never fails to say or do exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.  It's incredible.  Plus, both of them are absolutely hilarious, so they usually help me laugh myself out of my blues.

Reading the Book of Mormon also helps me to regain my excitement and remember the tender mercies of the Lord.  Right now I'm reading it in Spanish, and for me, it is even more powerful.  The Lord really does love us, each and everyone of us.  Sea como sea, haga lo que haga, He loves us.  Intensely.  Unfailingly.  Perfectly.

Funny Story.  Apparently the other night I was yelling in my sleep.  I yelled so loud, I woke up the other two hermanas in the other room, but my companion was sleeping SO deeply, she didn't even stir, hahaha.

Other than the normal missionary/nurse stuff, Hermana Dester (The Mission President's wife) asked me to help plan, organize, and perform a special musical number with a small choir for the Multi-Zone conference we are going to have with Elder Alonso, from the Area Presidency, next week.  So that's been fun. :)  I'll let you know how that goes. :)

Anyhoo, I love you all.  May God bless you and que Él les cuide. :)

Hermana Grondel :)

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