Monday, January 19, 2015


Well, here I am again.  I have had quite the week. 

I suppose some may have noticed that these past weeks have been rough for me. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have even been downright depressed. Ahora, that isn't to see that everything was dark and gloomy; in the midst of it all, I've still had some great things going on.  But I had lost some of my inner happiness, and I couldn't understand why. This wednesday was probably the hardest of all.  As I prayed, wondering what I was doing wrong, longing for peace and trying to make sense of it all, I felt I should just try and make it to Thursday, when the sister training leaders were going to come do divisions with us.  We kept working as normal and I felt a bit better at the end of the day.  Thursday came and we had divisions.  Todo cheque, todo normal.  My good friend, Hermana Bahr, went with Hermana Avila, and I went with Hermana Lopez.  It was fun, and I enjoyed myself, but the answer to so many prayers came Friday morning during companionship study.  I asked Hermana Avila if she had learned something from divisions that she wanted to share with me.  She said that Hermana Bahr had taught her that she should enjoy every day in the mission.  Obviously, not throw a party and not be lazy or anything like that, but the mission is a beautiful experience, one that we should live to the fullest.  Also, Hermana Lopez had mentioned that I should remember to always focus in the people, not in the numbers.  It hit me so hard.  THAT was what I had been missing.  I had not been enjoying my mission.  I had been working hard and we had good numbers, but it had become just that - numbers.  I had begun to associate numbers with success and happiness with laziness.  I had begun to just work and work and work waiting for the day to end or the week to end and give my numbers instead of enjoying each moment and enjoying the opportunities and people that surround me every day.  We have changed a couple of things about our companionship, and I am now focusing on enjoying every moment and focusing on each person.  I think in past weeks, I have found many temporary solutions, but I feel so sure that this is the one that really reaches the root of the problem.  I think that is part of what the Lord meant when He said that we should serve with all our heart.  It is to love and enjoy what He's asks us to do, not just doing it because He said so. So finally, FINALLY I am happy again. :) And I know how to get back to that happiness when disappointments come. :)

We've been meeting some really great people this week, and I am excited to see how they progress.  The elders have begun focusing on finding families to teach, and I think it will be something to put in practice as well.

Saturday evening we attempted to have an activity in the park.  We set up a table with various folletos and books and mormon messages.  It was an adventure. :)

Sunday night, we had a musical testimony meeting!!!  A few weeks ago, I was thinking about how much I love musical testimony meeting from back home, and decided to suggest it as a branch activity.  Everyone was curious to understand what on earth a musical testimony meeting would be, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I certainly did!!  I could feel the spirit.  I am so grateful for music! 

Well, I think that is all for this week. :)

I love you all!!

Hermana Grondel

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