Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adios, México!

Hola mi Familia! ¿Como estan?  ¿Como son sus vidas?
WELL! It has been a wonderful last couple of days here at el CCM.  First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lovely package!  I loved the chocolate, and I especially enjoyed the poem!  Wednesday, we got to go to the temple one last time.  I don't know when I will be able to go again, so it was a very lovely experience.  Also, I understood even more of the Spanish there!  It was awesome. 
Thursday was our last lesson with Hector.  We taught about Helaman 5:12, and it was awesome.  He agreed to be baptized as well!  We gave him a goal of 3 weeks.  On Saturday, Hno. Hardy told us the real story of Hector.  He was one of their investigators who never said what he believed, but he continuously lived it.  He passed around a picture of Hector and his family in white in front of the temple.  That was an incredible sight.  I love Hector so much, and I will miss teaching him.
Thursday night, we had TRC, and they had a lot of volunteers, so we got to teach two people from la ciudad.  Both were so kind, and it made me more excited for the work.  I love talking to people and hearing them tell me about their life.  Everyone has an awesome story, I know it!  I love listening to the excitement people get when they talk about those things closest to their hearts.
On Friday, we had In-Field Orientation.  That was interesting.  It lasted ALL DAY.  Some parts were rough, but others were awesome.  For instance, we were with all of the latinos, so they would speak in Spanish.  There was the option of having headphones, and Hno. Clark was translating everyting into english.  I decided to get them just in case I could not understand, and we ended up using them everytime we were all together because he was SO funny!  When they would ask questions, he also started to give us answers.  It was really funny when he would say something comico and all the Americans would laugh and no one else knew what was going on.  At one point, we watched a play of missionary work out in the field working with the members.  There was one part where two people were on the phone and the man was making kissing noises to the girl.  Our translator goes, "Well, I just sucked the micro out of the phone!"  It was fantastic having him to translate for us. :)
Hermana Hymas, Hermana Lattin, Hermana Lui, and I decided to all get eachother something to remember each other by.  Hna Hymas got bows, Hna Lattin is going to give us dream catchers, and Hna. Lui had her aunts send Lava-lavas.  I am STOKED about my lava-lava!  I feel so cool having one now :)
Saturday was also my last gym time.  Hermana Robertson and I went to go play soccer again.  I ADORE soccer! It is fantastic :)  I even got a slide tackle in this game!  That was my goal my soccer experience at el CCM, so I am pleased.
Also on Saturday, we practiced teaching.  Hna. Hymas and I were paired up with Elder Wing and Elder Hansen.  Okay guys, Heavenly Father is incredible.  He knows EVERYTHING, and He truly works in mysterious ways.  As I was talking about some of the fears, worries, and concerns I have, I noticed that The Beatles was playing from a gym across the street.  Not just any song was playing.  It was "Let it Be".  Coincidence, I think NOT!  Then, as we taught the elders, we talked about the scripture in Matthew when Jesus calls His disciples, saying "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."  We said we have already left our nets and followed Him, and He promises to make us fishers of men.  He will shape us and strengthen us.  All of a sudden, I heard the lyrics "All my lovin', I will give to you."  I love my Heavenly Father, and I am so grateful I could hear those sweet, simple messages from Him.
Yesterday we had fast Sunday at el CCM.  It was a beautiful day.  Our district sang a special musical number for the closing hymn.  We used Sally DeFord's arrangement of "Abide with Me", but only until the key change.  There, we switched to "I Need Thee Ev'ry Hour".  It was pretty sweet!  We also got a picture with our branch presidency.
Today has been bittersweet.  This whole weekend, I was not able to cry.  We had a lot of "lasts", last night with everyone, last prayer with our whole district and Hno. Hardy, last time saying "Buenas Noches" to Elder Hansen and Hermana Howell, last Devotional, last picture with everyone, and so on.  This morning though, I sobbed.  Hermana Lui left early this morning, so when I got up, her bed was empty and the sheets were gone.  Then we got to class and we were missing two people.  We went to teach a new investigator, Pedro, and Hna Hymas and I were to be second.  When we went out to teach, the tears would not stop flowing.  Hno. Hardy stopped us in the middle of our lesson and asked if I was alright.  In fact, he goes "I'm startled, I've never seen you like this!" It's true.  I've cried here and there, but not like this.  We had an excellent chat and ended up taking everyone else's teaching time so then we just chatted as a district.
Though I am muy triste to leave this sacred place, I am excited to go and serve the people of Honduras.  I am sure they will help make me a better person, and I hope I can help them.  I know that everyone needs this message.  That is why I am here!  It is a message of joy and happiness that I get to carry to all the world.  I love you all!  Next time I email, I will be in HONDURAS!!!
Hermana Lauren Grondel
I adore this picture of our district leaving el CCM :)

My district with our branch presidency

They put up flags in the Thomas S. Monson building

Hna Saucedo and I 

My district with out teacher Hna Saucedo. 

Our elders wearing fake mustaches with the branch presidency

My district with our teacher, Hno Hardy. 

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