Monday, October 28, 2013

Honduras Happenings

Well, another week has flown by!

First off, a want to give a GINORMOUS THANK YOU to the Lynn family!!  I got your package this week, and I absolutely adore it!  Both my companion and I are incredibly grateful for everything!  And my zone loved the Reese's, so thank you Curtis! ;)  I shared my sour skittles with some of the Hermanas as well.  Hna Vasquez and Hna Alvarez both had the funniest reactions to the sour taste.  I don't think either were expecting it or had experienced it before!

So, there is a woman in our branch that everyone says that I look like.  Her name is Raquel, and I met her this week.  Well, she is the Latino version of me.  From curly hair to dimples, we look SO much alike!  We are even almost the same height.  Crazy!  Many people have commented on how alike we look :)

This week, we have had an incredible amount of success in finding people!  We are so excited to continue with these choice spirits.  

One lesson we had this week was very powerful.  It was with Jose, the son of Hna Marina who is a recent convert and very strong in the Gospel.  Jose goes to a Catholic church.  Right before we went into their house, Hna Vasquez leaned over and said, "You're going to teach this lesson".  We went in and only had about 15 minutes because Jose had homework to do. I kept trying to think of what to teach, but no concept seemed right. After the hymn and opening prayer, I jsut started asking questions.  I asked about his faith, about his church, about the Book of Mormon.  He told us that he has prayed about the Book and knows it's true.  I asked why he didn't come to church if he knows the BoM is true.  He said it is because he has his own church.  That was a little hard because he gets a lot of pressure from his family to go to the LDS church which just makes him not want to go.  I started talking about good, better, and best and Hna. Vasquez shared such a powerful testimony.  At the end, we knelt and Hna. Marina said the closing prayer.  It was incredible and the Spirit was so strong.  I have high hopes for Jose :)

Oh!  This week, we went to visit Hna. Dilcia and her family, a family in our rama, and got locked in.  All the houses here have a gate outside of their house that have a lock on them.  Well, while we were eating dinner, her daughters went to the pulperia and took the keys!  We were running late for our Mission coordination meeting (Is that the name in ingles?)  and Hna. Vasquez was very worried.  We were speed walking to the meeting and she exclaimed, "Ay, ¡van a crucificarme!" Muy chistoso!  But the funniest part was we got to the meeting and no one was there.  yayy.  :)  Well, el presidente de la rama was there, but the meeting is at his house, haha!  It all worked out in the end. ;)

Other funny moment: This weekend was a festival florclorico thingy for our stake.  We went one night for a music presentation.  In between acts, they had the stake presidency come up to dance on stage.  They said that Pte. Hernandez loves to dance, and oh boy, does he!  They played Oppum Gangnam Style (sp) and all of them got so into it.  It was hilarious!  I tried to imagine President Romney, Pres Hoer y Pres Rasmussen doing that...I would LOVE to see that!

Also at this festival, they had horchata.  Wow.  Real horchata is absolutely delicious.  OH, I wish I had some right now!

So, we are allowed to watch disney movies/animated flicks on P-days!  Last P-day, we watched Brave and part of Tangled.  Would you be so kind as to send me the lyrics to the Tangled songs in Spanish? I would be very grateful.  ;)  

I think that is about it for this week! Other than this, we've just been preaching, testifying, searching, praying, and being missionaries!  

I love all of you very much and am so grateful for your prayers, kindness, and love!

Hermana Grondel :)

P.s., What planet is in the sky right now?  Thanks!  :)

This is how to properly send a package to me: covered in duct tape, preferrably of a fun color or type.  Everything in the package was green as well - I am thoroughly enjoying it! :)
me and my companion in our appartment during a thunder storm.

Oh, funny comment about that - It had started raining, and I was trying to use Hna. Vasquez's camera. As I turned on the camera, there was a huge flash of light.  I was so confused as to why the camera flash had gone off while I was trying to turn it on and then there was a LOUD clap of thunder that made me jump.  I then realized we were starting a thunder storm, haha!
This is what we did for P-day hoy.  Made a pan of brownies and the four of us hermanas ate the whole pan. *hashtag*noshame

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