Monday, October 14, 2013

Adventure is out there!

¡Buenas Tardes!

This week has been a rollar coaster as always.  I was struggling a bit, especially with not being able to express myself in Español.  Then I read this in el PME.  "Part of seeking the gift of tongues is to labor and struggle and to do all you can to learn the language".  The part of this quote that sticks out for me is "struggle".  This isn't meant to be easy.  It is meant to make me grow and learn and be patient.  I know that I am blessed everyday with understanding a little more, and I need to be content with that.  Learning a language is not an overnight process.  Another thing I learned is that I don't have to be perfect.  I am constantly learning that as long as the Spirit is present, it doesn't matter what I say.  It just needs to come from my heart.

So, as missionaries, we get the Liahona every month, and I even get to have it in English!! I am literally ecstatic about this.  One quote from the Liahona, from a story about a missionary, was "We set goals to show our faith.  We follow up on goals to count our blessings."  Numbers aren't the most important.  Each one is a blessing, but it the work you put into each one that really counts.

So, there are 8 missionaries in my district, 4 elders y 4 hermanas.  In mi zona, tenemos 18 missionaries, 6 hermanas and 12 elders.  6 or 8 of us are gringos and the rest are native-speakers.  They are all so sweet and awesome.  The Hermanas in our district are Hna. Marley and Hna. Alvarez.  Oh, they are hilarious!!  We have a blast when we are with them!  Hna. Alvarez is super short, so I love standing next to her in pictures, haha!

I cannot get over how green it is here!  Seriously, everywhere is covered in greenery.

Some more interesting things have included learning how to wash my laundry by hand.  With a wash board and a bar of soap and everything!

In our lessons, one of my favorite things is we sing a hymn to start off the lesson.  It is fantastic.  :)

Here in Honduras, the classic food is a Baleada.  It is a flour tortilla with beans, cheese, scrambled eggs, and some kind of sauce.  I will have to learn how to make them because they are SO delicious!

Having Hna. Vasquez as my companion has certainly been an adventure!  For example, last night was the first time she ever had microwave popcorn.  She has had popcorn before, but not in a microwave. Crazy!

I'm not gonna lie, this week was a bit rough.  But every time I have a rough time, the Lord blesses me!  Today, the hermanas here had the chance to go to the Dester's home and chat, learn, and eat CINNAMON ROLLS.  I was in heaven!  I really and truly LOVE Pte and Hna Dester, they are just so wonderful.

I wanted to write more about the people today, but I don't have time!  Next time, hopefully :)


Hermana Grondel :)

This was the flight right net to ours to Honduras

My room my first night

My apartment

The view from my room the first night

At cambios with mi madre (trainer)

A random stream we walk past to our area

First p-day!
Gringos on the hike

View along the way

a COW!

On the bridge!

On the bridge

View along the way

Random cave :)


At the top

Selfie with the water fall!

Trying the weirdest-looking cookie I have ever seen

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