Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm just a bit wet :)


News this week: Rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  I had no idea it could rain so much! Almost every day this week it has been cloudy or it has rained.  This morning, we were excited because the sun was out.  Yes! We can wash our clothes! Well, we washed them, but they are not going to be dry.  Ah well, I love the rain!

This week, we have been improving our ability to talk to people in the street.  Each time it gets a little easier! Monday, we had a Noche de Hogar(FHE) with a family in the ward and an investigator, Claudina and her children.  She was very excited the whole time and even volunteered to give the closing prayer!  We went to visit her on Wednesday and she was rearranging her house, so we helped her move some things around.  She had two of her nieces there as well, Grelie and her sister.  We have been trying to teach Grelie and her family as well, but we have had some difficulties and her sister has always been very closed towards us.  At times, she seems annoyed that we are visiting.  Well, while we were helping Hna. Claudina, Grelie's sister talked to us a bit and even smiled at us.  We are stoked.  Now, back to Claudina.  Thursday, we returned and taught The Restoration and invited her to pray about Joseph Smith and the iglesia.  She already had a Book of Mormon from a previous encounter with the missionaries.  When we visited her on Friday, we asked her if she had prayed.  She had, and she began to tell us about a dream she had about her brother-in-law who has passed away.  Long story short, she told us that she knows that this is the true church and she wants to be baptized! Yay! 

Another one of our miracles this week was with an investigator named Byron  One of our appointments fell through so we decided to swing by his house.  He was a bit preoccupied and we asked him how he was feeling.  He began to tell us that his girlfriend, who is pregnant, went for a check-up that morning and was in the hospital because of some sort of complication.  In addition, she has diabetes, so they wanted to be extra careful.  He was waiting for more news.  We gave him some comfort, prayed with him, and gave him a Book of Mormon.  The next day, we saw him and Anna (his girlfriend) and went to talk with them.  The danger had passed and she is doing fine.  I was amazed at how perfectly our Heavenly Father knows everything.  If we had gone even one day later to visit Byron, the trouble would have passed and our message might not have had as strong of an impact.  I am excited to continue teaching them.

Yesterday, while Hna Vasquez and I were walking I started telling her how I have been rather frustrated.  I feel like we are working and I am trying to have faith, but I am struggling to have patience.  After a moment, she began to list the miracles we have been able to see.  And it's true.  We have seen miracles.  They aren't in the form of baptisms or numbers, but they are real milagros, no less important to the salvation of men than baptisms.  Plus, the motto of our mission is Crecimiento Real (Real Growth).  We are trying to help people become more converted to the gospel, not just baptize them.  And no effort is wasted.  We are planting seeds of truth in the lives of these people.  They have to decide to let it grow.  To try to make a metaphor, I have been disappointed because we don't have pears and have been missing the strawberries, grapes, oranges, and watermelons....Okay, terrible analogy.  Basically, I have been looking for a specific blessing and haven't been enjoying all the other ones we are receiving.  "Count your Blessings...And it will surprise you what the Lord has done."  

On a lighter note, yesterday we were visiting with Pte. Quezada (president of our branch), and he told us that he had gone to a special meeting today where his father spoke.  It was the anniversary of 50 years of membership for him.  When he was baptized, there were 2 branches in all of Honduras, and Honduras was a part of the Central America Mission.  Now, I don't know how many wards and stakes there are, but there are 4 missions in Honduras!  It is incredible to see the work grow.

Okay, so, some nights, Hermana Vasquez asks me to sing to her because when I sing, she falls asleep super fast.  Well, this week she was telling Hna. Nolvia (an hermana in our branch) about this.  Hna. Nolvia turned to me and said, "Do you know pokemon? You're like Jigglypuff!  Hermana Jigglypuff!" :)

Also, with all the rain, there are a lot of puddles.  One day this week, we were walking and I slid and fell into a puddle.  Luckily, it was on the side walk and I landed on my knees so just the bottom of my skirt was wet :)


Hermana Lauren Grondel :)

We made French Toast for out district! 

At church on sunday, we were matching!  The gringas in green and the natives in purple!  

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