Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey there!
This week has been wonderful, but I don't have much time to write, so this might be short.
First off, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the package!  It got here safe and sound, and I am incredibly grateful for it!  I love all the music - I almost started crying while listening to the choir.  I was ecstatic to see that CD!  Also, Hi-chews, how did you know?  Soo delicious!  The chocolates are very welcome along with the goldfish!  Oh, I have missed those!  I have been greatly enjoying having a camera again as well.
Saturday, we were able to have a missionary activity where we watched 17 Miracles.  That movie is so incredibly powerful.  I really hope we touched everyone, and I think we did.  That activity almost didn't happen.  SO many things almost prevented it, including it started to rain while we were watching the movie outside.  But we had so many of our own miracles, and I know the Lord is always watching out for us.  I wish I could relate them all to you, but time is running short!
Yesterday, we also had the opportunity to watch the Christmas Devotional.  How beautiful it was!  I love this work :)
Okay, two funny stories.  Last Monday, we went to downtown SPS (centro) and were in a secondhand clothing shop and the song Thriftshop came on... haha
Also, the other morning, we were getting ready for the day when I felt something fall on my arm from my clothes.  When I looked down, there was a LIZARD on my arm that looked more like a snake with teeny tiny legs! I screamed so loud and then proceeded to try to get it out of our appartment.  Much more excitement than I was anticipating.
Today, we went to San Ignacio, near Omoa.  Wow.  It was SO beautiful!  They had pools and animals and plants and at the very end, we were standing on the beach looking out into the Carribean Sea.  Wow. SO beautiful!!!  Wait... I already wrote that... seriously, gorgeous!  Well, I love you all so much!
Hermana Grondel
So excited to have a camera again!

This is the view from near the house of one of our investigators

Amith drew this picture of us one night while we were eating dinner.  The top hat I have is really my hair in a bun on my head with curly hairs coming out, haha!

Driving to San Ignasio

Playing the faces game on the way.

They had Jaguars there!


No recuerdo cual tipo de animal esta es...

They also had Capuchin monkies ( like in Night at the Museum)

I got to close to the cage and one of the monkies pushed me away.

Basically a miniature jaguar

A very interesting bird

Just a puma, no biggie :)

How beautiful it is!!!

Yayy, a gorilla!  GORR-RIII-LLA

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