Monday, December 2, 2013

Cold? In Honduras? What?

Well, we are in December!  Today is 2 months in Honduras.  What?

This week, we were taken by surprise.  We were COLD.  It was so strange!  From Wednesday until Saturday it was chilly, rainy, and cloudy.  I even used a jacket!  During the day, it was so nice to walk without sweating, but at night, we were freezing!  We only have a sheet for our bed because usually it is so hot even a sheet can seem unbearable.  Well, Wednesday through Friday night, I wore socks and a jacket to bed with the hood pulled tight around my head.  Hna. Vasquez had a hat, and we both were curled up.  Showers in the morning were a nightmare.  I would brace myself for 5 or so minutes before I could even enter the bathroom.  I think Friday we had the idea to close our windows at night... we were warmer that night.  But it was wonderful to have a break from the heat.

Saturday, we went to a members house and learned how to make Banana Pancakes!  I kept thinking of the Jack Johnson song and the time the Young Men came over to the house this summer to make Banana Pancakes.  It was awesome. :)

Saturday, we also had splits for two hours in the afternoon.  When we got the call the night before, I was a little upset.  I did NOT want to have splits.  I love Hermana Vasquez and was nervous to work with someone else.  Especially because we only had 2 firm appointments, one of which was supposed to be with a new investigator whom we had never visited. We only had a general idea of his address.  Well, the hour came, and I went with the new sister training leader, Hermana Morales.  And it was wonderful.  We did not find the investigator, though we had the adventure of climbing a mountain/hill to a water tank looking for him.  When we turned around, we could see almost all of San Pedro Sula!  It was beautiful!  Also, most of the people we wanted to pass by to say hello to were not home because of a graduation from 6th grade going on at the local school.  But I gained so much confidence in my spanish abilities.  I love the sister training leaders!  They are always so eager to help us.  In the end, I am so grateful for the opportunity to have splits.  We always learn so much and have more enthusiasm for the work.

Yesterday was Testimony meeting, and it was beautiful.  Nearly the entire branch bore their testimonies, and it was incredible to hear them all.  The spirit was so strong!

Also, yesterday we had lunch with Familia Irias.  They are going to New Jersey for a month to celebrate Christmas, so they prepared a very special lunch as a "Christmas Dinner" with us.  I count it as my Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a chicken with potatoes and salad and bread!  Oh, it was so wonderful! I love them so much.  Oh, the family and the food :)

Many of the houses here have Christmas decorations and are getting into the Christmas Spirit.  The other day, we stopped by a member's house, and they were baking and making food, and one of them had on a red sweater, and I felt like it could be a representation of a Hondureño Christmas.  It was so sweet to see them so happy and in the Christmas Spirit.  It is incredible here that almost everyone has faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ already.  It is beautiful to see.

Well, I think that is all for this week!  I love all of you so much.

Hermana Grondel

I was really cold during study in the morning. 
I mean really cold. Both of us. 
We made arroz con leche with Katarine Urias, an awesome member in our ward.
Hna Vasquez with Jared y Katarine.  I am the one behind the camera, haha

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