Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Alright, all you english speakers, it is time for this week's spanish lesson.  The word of the week is "Puchika" (POO-chee-kuh)  It means "dang it", "oh no", "shoot", "argh", and so on.  Basically, it describes my week.
Walter, our super awesome investigator, decided to move back to Santa Barbara until June to study at the university there.  Sooo, he is not going to be baptized on the 25th. To be honest, it is one of the most devestating things this week.  Hermana Porter got sick this week, so one day we were in the house almost the entire day.  We had a cita with an investigator that day, and we both really wanted to go, so Hermana Porter slept all day to have the strength to go to the cita annnnnd....He wasn't home.  In fact, we haven't seen him for almost a week and he isn't answering his phone.  Most of our citas fell through.  One of our investigators is also studying with Jehovah's witnesses right now.  We have both felt mentally attacked this week, soooo, puchika was probably one of my most used words this week.

But to be honest, it wasn't all bad.  In fact, some things were really, really good!  For example, we met one muchacha in the street that had a mountain of questions for us.  We later also contacted her cousin and brother in the street, and it wasn't until they gave us their address that we realized they were from the same family.  When we visited their house, unfortunately they were not available, but an other brother was there and also wanted to hear what we had to say.  Woo!  When Hermana Porter was sick, the elders went and bought things to make soup for her and brought me some real lunch.  We had a chance to watch "The District" again.  I really do love the District.  We got to make little handouts for the members to ask for references, and the Irías family came back from New Jersey and brought us chocolate from America!  YAY! :)

Also, we finally had a lesson with a reference who said in the lesson, "I already know that I'm going to be a member of the church". :) So, we just need to help her be prepared.  Another investigator is slowly coming, step by step, to know the truth of these things for herself.  We had the chance to learn how to street contact better with an RM member of our branch.  We finally have a new branch president.  

Funny Story:  Monday was El Día de los Reyes, so the elders had eggs filled with confetti that they continually broke on other people's heads.  Also, we have run into 3 almost 4 people bathing this week, whom we saw in just their towels... awkward...  

Yesterday was Up and Down, like most days here :)  I was so grateful to go to church!!!  We had a training session in how to use family search.  I understand it so much better now!  Today, we didn't do much, and it was awesome. :)  We got up and washed clothes, then we went to breakfast, yum!  After buying our groceries ( the grocery store is nearly deserted at 8:45 in the morning) we returned to washing!  I am so happy to have clean clothes again. :)  We are trying to make our own ice cream and had a chance to watch a movie.  Yay!  

I love you all more than I can say.  

Hermana Grondel :)

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