Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

HEyyyyyy there :)

So, it has been another week here in Puerto Cortés, and time is flying.  

Well, there are fewer things in the mission that are better then seeing the testimony of someone grow.  This week we got to see quite a bit of that.  One of our investigators, Carol, shared her powerful testimony of Christ, one I wasn't sure she had.  We also saw it in the eyes of Margie, another investigator we have.  We asked about her favorite part of what she read in the Book of Mormon, and her eyes lit up.  It was beautiful.

In other news, this week my companion and I went to do service at a member's house, and we ended up playing with their hose.  It felt so good!  We also did service at a menos activo's house, and one of their children put a baseball cap on my head.  Well, I had all my hair up in a bun, so the hat didn't exactly fit, hahaha.  When Hermana Luna saw me, she started laughing and said "I'd like 2 hamburgers, please!!"  We were dying :) 

Saturday night, we found out the son of one of our investigators passed away, by the hands of another.  Sunday, we went to visit her.  We found her with the casket.  Here in Honduras, they have the casket at someone's house for the day so people can go visit.  We sat with her for a bit and reminded her of the Plan of Salvation and tried to bring her a bit of comfort.  It was a drastic difference to the following lesson we had with two new investigators who are expecting a new baby boy.  Though we talked of the Plan of Salvation with them as well, all was different.  I am amazed at how absolutely perfect this plan of God is.  I am so grateful for my family, and that we can be eternal.

Two of our investigators, Yolany and Tiara are progressing so well!!  Yesterday, Yolany said she could only stay for an hour.  Well, when sacrament meeting was over, Tiara started crying because she didn't want to leave!!  So her mom let her stay with us.  The church  is true!!


hermana Grondel :)

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