Monday, May 19, 2014

I love Cinnamon Rolls

Wow, this week has been stellar!!
I love my companion so much.  She is hilarious.  And awesome.  And works super hard.  We get along really well, so we enjoy our time together. A lot. :) 
Well this week, (I think in all of Central America)  We had a family week!  Every day there was a different activity, focused in helping the family and strengthening them.  It was so lovely!!  Thursday, our ward had a Mother's Day party, and we enjoyed presentations, videos, and delicious food!  We saw many investigators there, which was SUCH a blessing!
Sunday, there was a fireside broadcasted to all of central america, featuring the area presidency.  It was beautiful.  They talked about the many different ways to strengthen the family, including daily family prayer and scripture study, Family Home Evening every week, family councils, and much more.  It was so lovely, and Tiara and Yolany are progressing so well!  They came to the fireside and loved it.  They have been and are such a tender mercy from the Lord.

So.  In case you did not know, I have rather small ears.  Well, one of the elders in our ward noticed them this week, and the entire time I was talking with him, he could not stop mentioning my ears!  It was hilarious.
This week, my testimony of fasting was strengthened.  We were talking with a return missionary a couple weeks ago, and he mentioned that he had quite a bit of success in his mission because of sacrifice.  He would fast quite often and always gives credit to fasting for his success.  Well, I decided to fast this week for a cause very dear to my heart.  Almost immediately after I finished my fast, the situation improved immensely.  In fact, this entire week, the situation has been better than I could have believed.  I know the Lord hears and answers prayers, especially when we ask with faith.
Today, we made cinnamon rolls.  They were SO delicious!!  I was on cloud nine.
So, sorry I haven't sent pictures recently... next week for sure!!  It has been crazy, and today I forgot my converter... yep.
Well, I love being here in the mission.  I learn so much.  I can feel the Lord molding me into what he wants me to be.  I cannot believe I will reach 9 months this week.  It will all be downhill from here.  I'm gonna make it count.

Love you bunches and bunches!
Hermana Grondel

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