Monday, June 2, 2014

Through Cloud and Sunshine


It's June.  WHAT.

This week has been wonderful.  I feel like it has been months since I wrote.

The Lord has been listening very closely to our prayers this week.  We were able to reach or surpass almost every single one of our goals.  We are so grateful for that.  Wednesday, the Sister Training Leaders came for divisions!!  I went with hermana Zelada, from Guatemala, and we had a blast!  We were literally dying of laughter the entire day. She taught me a lot of how to help our area here in Puerto.  That night, we had a PARTAYYYYYYYY!  We have three matresses in our apartment, so we put the three together and the four of us slept there.  We also learned how fun it is to jump on the matresses, hahaha!  I love the sister training leaders.  They are always here to help us.

Saturday, we went with the elders to a part-member family to do some service.  This service included taking partly-decomposed clothing out of a swamp.  I think this tops the list of most interesting service projects.  I hope to never smell that again, hahaha.  Well, our investigator from this family came to church on Sunday!!! Next step, reactivating her daughter!!

In the afternoon, we received a phone call saying that Rodolfo, the little brother of Tiara, was in the hospital with Dengue.  We had been planning to have a Family Home Evening with them and the bishop's family, so we changed our plans and went over to the clinic where he was staying.  The bishop came and gave him a blessing.  It was a very special moment, seeing the bishop take our investigators under his wing.  Truly, what we do as missionaries doesn't mean anything if these brand-new members don't have a hand to hold of a friend in the ward who will help them along as they learn about their new life.  Now we know that the Bishop and his family will always be mindful of this new family.  The following day, Rodolfo was MUCH better, and they even released him from the hospital!

Sunday was a bit rough.  I have worried and wept and prayed about this area so much, and at times I feel as though Satan has such a strong grasp on the people here.  Of our investigators who are progressing, half of them were sick, some had to go visit families, and others had their difficulties.  Satan works so hard to prevent these people from coming unto Christ.  Sometimes he tries to work on us as missionaries.  On Sunday, our bishop invited us to go to the Ward Council Meeting.  I felt like the Lord answered so many of my prayers and fasts in that meeting.  I know this area will be alright and that the Lord will never let it fail.  I know the Lord answers prayers because He has answered mine.  Even when the night has seemed darkest, He always brings the dawn.

Well, I love you all bunches and bunches!!

Hermana Grondel :)

P.S., I'm not sure how much time I'll have next week, so if I don't write, don't worry.  I'm still alive, hahaha :)

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