Monday, June 16, 2014



Monday night, we received a phone call saying that I would be leaving Puerto Cortés.  Many emotions filled my heart.  I love Puerto Cortés, and Tuesday showed me that they truly love me as well.  As I began packing, we received a text message saying I would be training!!!  AH! Hahahaha, at nine months, I have my first daughter, hahaha :)

Tuesday was spent saying good-bye to all the wonderful people I have met and loved in Puerto Cortés.  Many tears were shed, and I felt an immense love from this people.  Saying good-bye to Tiara and Yolany and Rodolfo was rough. They didn't want me to go, nor did I want to leave, but such is mission life. I dearly hope I can come back one day.  They are the sweetest family, and I will never forget them.  At night, we went to Hermana Mery's house where they had a piñata and a good part of the ward there to say good-bye.  I felt so loved.  I do miss Puerto and I miss Hermana Luna.  She was an incredible companion and is an incredible missionary.  She taught me how to become the missionary I want to be, and she has become a close friend.  I'm going to be doing a LOT of world traveling after this mission to visit these marvelous people I have met in Honduras.

Wednesday morning we arrived at El Benque building for la reunión de cambios. During the trainers meeting that take place before the normal meeting, Presidente accidentally let it slip who I would be training...and then Hermana Luna let it slip to my companion...hahaha...whoops... :)

Well, I am currently in the Castaños ward, and I am finishing up the training of Hermana Robles, from Peru!!  Hermana Robles has already been here 6 weeks, so I am her stepmother because her trainer, Hermana Bayles, went home this transfer.  IT IS SO MUCH FUNNNN. Hermana Robles is also the mission nurse, so we spend some of our time on the phone talking with sick missionaries or going to doctor's appointments.  It's pretty rad. :)  I have ALWAYS wanted to be the nurse's companion, and now I get to train her too!  She is a certified nurse and worked as one for 4 or 5 years before her mission.  She just turned 27, so it's as though I have Jessica for a companion!!  I love it. :)

Oh, plus we live in an appartment with two other sisters, so every day is a partayyyy.  I couldn't be happier. :)

These days I've just been getting to know the area and getting to know new people, so that's fun.  Yesterday, one family invited us to their house for dinner, and I thought we had taken a short plane ride back to the U.S. because their house was huge.  And so nice.  And so lovely decorated.  WE EVEN ATE ROLLS FOR DINNER.  Needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying mission life. :) hahahaha

El Mundial es LOCO aquí!  Everyone is celebrating or dressed in soccer jerseys.  And every single TV is turned to that channel.

WELL  I love you LOTS!!

Hermana Grondel :)

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