Monday, July 14, 2014


Another week finished in this crazy mission life!
This week was a great one.  On Tuesday, I received birthday surprises!!  I loved receiving a package of cards from my Relief Society back home. Thank you so much!!
Wednesday was an awesome day, working hard and seeing miracles.

We had several beautiful lessons this week, for which I am grateful.  Thursday, my zone elders bought me a birthday cake!! So sweet of them.  Later, I got sick, so that was rough.  Being sick is not fun. Thankfully, It only lasted a day, and then I was back out on the streets.  And no, it was not from the cake, hahaha, I was already feeling unwell before. :)  Unfortunately, Thursday was not the last sick day for other missionaries.
Friday was my birthday!!  It was a beautiful day. :)  My companions came and sang to me in the morning and brought my cards and I opened my gifts. So lovely. :)  Then we rushed off to the hospital to help an elder with a back problem.  We got to hang out with the office elders, and I discovered that Elder Figueroa loves books and to read!!  So we talked about books for a long time.  Later, we went to teach an investigator who lives in the house of a member, and she had made me a birthday cake!!!  It was so delicious because it was made with love. :)
Saturday was another crazy day. It was another day in the hospital, helping an elder out.  We had another chance to be with the office elders, wooo, more books!!  The rest of the afternoon was spent doing a lot of walking because basically all of our appointments fell through. We also got to go to the baptism of the other sisters' :). (Yay, third place for Holland!)
Sunday was a lovely day. I got to have breakfast in bed!  They were going to do it on my birthday, but since I had been sick, they waited until Sunday.  IT INCLUDED NUTELLA!!!  I was so happy.  That day, we saw miracles.  So many of our investigators and lessactives made it to church!!  We were shocked and so happy.  During Sunday School, we got a text message saying one sister was coming into SPS to go to the hospital, so right after church, we hurried over to the hospital to meet them and Sister Dester.  We spent the afternoon in the hospital, and I got to know Sister Lopez better, who entered the mission field with me, and I enjoyed it. :)
Anyway, the church is true!!!  I love you all so much!!

Hermana Grondel :)

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