Monday, November 10, 2014

Every week here gets better and better. :)

I am coming to know my Savior as I never have before.  Every day, I understand more of the changes He would have me make so that I may become more like Him.  Truly, "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me". Today, as we were walking to eat lunch, I just felt overwhelmed with love for Copan.  That is something that I have been praying and hoping for, and I am so grateful to feel it growing every day.

This week, we had the chance to meet another great family.  Our first lesson with them, the Spirit was so strong as the couple we brought with us testified that families can be together forever.  The two daughters of the family even came to church yesterday!  The couple that accompanied us gave them a ride.  I love when the members get involved.  It makes this work so much more meaningful. Things are certainly looking up. :)

We also had the chance this week to make and sell donuts to help some of our investigators get married so they can be baptized.  Getting married in Honduras is a rather complicated and expensive ordeal, but these two are determined to get married.  :)

Yesterday was the Branch Primary Program, and it was beautiful.  Seated in front of the children were three little girls, one in a red dress, one in a yellow dress, and one in a blue dress, each one with a matching balloon.  They sang the primary colors song.  adorable!  Also, one of the oldest boys directed the program.  But I particularly enjoyed that each one of the children had a missionary name tag that said: "Futuro Misionero Elder Mejia" or "Futura Misionera Hermana Orellana".  They brought the Spirit to the meeting as each one of the children testified of Christ and His church.

Funny Story:  One of our investigators lives with her Grandmother and her great-grandmother.  Her great-grandmother is nearly 100 years old!  Well, one night, as we were teaching Ana, our investigator, we heard water splashing in the next room.  Confused, Ana went to see what was happening.  We only heard, "Abuelita! ¿Qué está haciendo?" (Nana, what are you doing??)  she replied, "Bañandome.  Mañana es mi cumpleaños!" (Bathing myself.  Tomorrow is my birthday!) Ana then had to explain to her that it was NOT her birthday the next day and that it was not a good idea to bathe herself at that hour of the night, especially since it was cold.  I was dying of laughter.  Our next lesson was also a riot.  As we began singing a hymn, her grandmother came into the room, using her cane like a guitar and dancing.  As we said the opening prayer, she began singing hymns.  When we were saying good-bye, I realized that she is totally convinced that I am a nun.  I explained that I was a missionary, not a nun, but I'm not entirely sure that she understood.  But she's a sweetie. :)

For P-Day today, we went to a member's home in another branch to eat lunch.  They invited 16 of us missionaries!!  It was a beautiful, humbling experience to feel of the great love they have for us.  I love this work. :)

Pues, I love you all very much, and I hope your week is wonderful!!

I will have to send pictures next week.  I love you all!!

Hermana Grondel :)

                                                   Here is a picture of my area now!

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