Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey there!

I think the biggest piece of news of I've got this week would be I had transfers this week!  I had to leave mi querida Hermana Robles and mi querido area Castaños, and now I am in El Dorado, Copan, with Hermana Delgadillo, from Nicaragua.  This has easily been the hardest transfer of my mission, so hard, that at times it's hard to keep the tears back.  I miss Hermana Robles and Castaños so, so much, but Copan is incredible!  My area is more of how I imagined a mission in Honduras would be when I received my call.  Here, we have a nice little branch with many wonderful members whose testimonies impress me so much.  And our branch mission leader is AWESOME.  I can easily see a ward being formed here soon.  

Saying good-bye to everyone was rough.  But I felt so loved.  How grateful I am for the chance I have had to serve in Castaños with Hermana Robles!  During transfers meeting, I started crying and couldn't stop.  I have treasured so much my time there.  I hugged and hugged Hermana Robles and then tried to be normal for my new companion.  Hermana Delgadillo has been so patient with me.  I hadn't felt well since Tuesday, and a curvy bus ride to Copan did not sit so well with my stomach.  I ended up getting carsick.  So basically I was like "Hola Hermana Delgadillo, I'm your new companion *bleh* *sniffle, sniffle*", hahaha.  She doesn't talk much, but she really wants to work hard and see success here. :) She just finsihed her First Twelve Weeks, so she's still a bit new, but her desires are very strong.

Last week, there was an earthquake in El Salvador, which affected parts of Honduras as well, but we didn't feel anything and are just fine.  Here in El Dorado, though, there has been some flooding (not related to the earthquake) so we have been doing a lot of service lately cleaning the mud out of people's houses. That has been QUITE the adventure.  

Our house here has a gate that looks like that of a Princess. It is so lovely!  Oh, and there are MANY hills here. When you reach the road that leads to our house, it looks as though you are going to fall off the face of the earth, and then you realize it is just a very steep road, hahaha.  Also, the weather is much cooler.  I don't even need a fan most of the time.  The water comes and goes, so sometimes we have to bring water in from our pila to shower and flush the toilet.  But when there is water, we have warm water!!

Yesterday was all over the place, but I deeply enjoyed the Gospel Principles lesson.  Though it was directed toward our investigators, I felt as though it was meant just for me.  How grateful I am for the Lord.

Though it has been rough this week, the Lord has provided many tender mercies.  Like the warm water.  or that my companion has a ton of music to listen to that I love.  That the branch is so ready to move forward.  The examples of the elders that work in this branch with us.  Our mission leader.  An encouraging letter from President Dester.  The chance to talk with Hermana Marley today.  The ability to always pray.  No, the road is not easy.  But nor is it impossible.  Right now, I'm just trying to be patient and work hard as I adjust to my new circumstances.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for your prayers and letters.  They are always just what I need. :)

Hermana Grondel

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