Monday, October 27, 2014

It has been another great, cool week here in Copan!  

This week was MUCH better than last week.  I could feel so strongly that many people were praying for me - thank you. :)

We have just been outside working hard, enjoying the cool weather, and trying to find those who are truly prepared for this gospel.  Our branch members are wonderful and so dearly want to help this work move forward, so it's basically paradise over here.  There are more challenges finding and retaining investigators, but I know the Lord will provide for us.

SO many funny things happened this week.  For example, one afternoon, as we were teaching some investigators, it began to rain.  We were outside, but underneath a metal canopy.  We thought all would be well until we noticed that with every raindrop, a bunch of little black specks fell from the roof...on top of us.  It was rather difficult to get them all off later, hahaha.

Later this week, when we tried to return and teach this family again, they quickly ran to shut the door when they saw us coming. Ouch.  Ni modo pensamos, and we went to try and contact another man we had met near their house.  Well, he lives in a three story apartment, and we only saw a little girl, about 2 years old, on the porch of the second floor.  So we asked her where her parents were.  "ahí esta mamí" dijo.  Could you call her please? We asked.  She said no.  No. No.  So then I decided to use my opera lungs to say "BUEEEEEEEEEENAS" rather loudly.  When I finished, a little boy from the house whose door was closed answered back "¿QUIEEEEEEEEEN ES?"  We were DYING of laughter.

Yesterday, we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to a remarkably receptive lady who owns a pulperia.  Well, around the corner from where we were, there were some drunk, smoking men.  We ignored them and kept teaching the lesson.  All was well until we reached the Kingdoms of Glory. One of the men came over and was standing at my side saying "I only believe in Padre Celestial.  None of this moon or stars stuff.  NO NO.  No hay luna ni estrellas!!!"  We continued trying to explain the scripture in 1 Corinthians 15 to our investigator, but our drunk friend was getting out of control.  And it was hard to keep a straight face because the situation was so absurd.  So we handed him a pamphlet of the Word of Wisdom and invited him to read it and apply it in his life.  We then placed a return appointment with our investigator and began to leave.  The man began asking " And will you come visit me too??"  I replied, "Bueno, if you're not drunk, maybe."  To which he said "drunk, no, I'm in love".  Our investigator lost it there and we did too.  I hope he reads the pamphlet and makes some serious changes in his life.

Mi companion is awesome.  I love her a whole bunch.  She works so hard and laughs with me as well.  We are having a blast learning how to cook together, talking with everyone around us, teaching, singing, and having adventures in Copan.  :)

Well, I love you all bunches, and I hope all is well with you!

Hermana Grondel :)

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