Monday, September 22, 2014

Wow, this week has been one of the craziest weeks of my entire life.

I know I say that a lot...but I think this week surpasses them all.

We had to attend to several medical things this week that all seemed to come at once, hahaha.  But the Lord has been constantly blessing us and helping the work to progress in this area.

Wednesday, we had the chance to go to un Día de Hermanas, which was a meeting in President's house with all the sisters of the mission.  WOW that was so great!  I loved being able to see everyone again and be spiritually fed.  It was like a Zone Conference de puras hermanas.  The Sister Training Leaders, Sister Dester, President Dester, and elder King (the financial secretary) all gave trainings.  We learned much about our Savior's love and the worth of each of God's children.  Plus, it was in President's house, which is one of my favorite places here, haha.  In fact, President's house is in our area, so we have been talking about passing by to ask for references, hahaha.

Lately, we have been working with an investigator named Eva.  She is my adopted grandmother here in Honduras. :)  I just love going to visit her.  It has been incredible to watch the Spirit of the Lord work within her. Every time we visit her, I feel humbled and in awe of the Lord's mighty power.  Honestly, we do not do much.  We invite her and teach, but her conversion has been between her and the Lord - exactly as it should be. I love the front row seat we are given to some of the greatest miracles of this life.

Funny Story: Thursday we spent almost the whole day in the hospital.  We ran an errand to the mission office, and as we were leaving the hospital, a random man decided he wanted to communicate in he began to sing what I imagine is one of the only songs he knows in english..."Eeeeeeverybody loves bananas!" Oh man, I was dying!

Yesterday was a great day.  I love Sundays! 

Today we went to a Peruvian restaurant, and oh my goodness, it was so delicious!!  I love Peruvian food!!  Maybe I'll just make peruvian food for the rest of my life. :)

I love you all so much!!

hermana Grondel :)

P.S., I'll send photos next week (I hope) :)

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